Dominovas Energy Corp (OTCMKTS:DNRG) has issued an open letter from the CEO, Neal Allen, to its shareholders. In his letter, Mr. Allen formally introduced the company, its objectives and its history to the new and old shareholders of the company. He also introduced the management, the board of directors and various other officials, before providing an update about the previous year. Furthermore, he stated that although the current share value did not do justice to the company’s potential, the trade volume has shown that the investors do trust the company and its mission.

Over the last year, Mr. Allen claimed that he had been concentrating his efforts on building business operations, to reflect Dominovas mandate as an energy solutions company. He further revealed that DNRG plans to develop solid oxide fuel cells, RUBICON. These would later be installed in developing countries, in arrays, with energy problems. Over the past year, the company has been focused on developing the technology necessary, which would lead to a profitable commercialization of RUBICON. It should be noted here that Dominovas, along with its partners, has already developed the first megawatt true fuel cell.

At the end of June, the company had announced restructuring plans, to eliminate DNRG’s convertible debt, of $700,000. It should be noted here that DNRG had entered into an agreement, with GHS Investments, for an investment of up to $7.5 million, in January 2016. In return, GHS would acquire shares of Dominovas. The move allows the company to shift from its traditional method of convertible debt financing. Now with the additional cash proceeds in hand, Dominovas plans to engage with its convertible debt financing partners, to eliminate its toxic debts. The company has also revealed that it does not have any plans to acquire more convertible debt in the future.

Dominovas Energy Corp (OTCMKTS:DNRG) was trading at a share price of $0.005, at the closing bell, during the July 28 trading session. The stock had a trade volume of 23.29 million and gained 25% during the session.

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:PSTI) To Conduce Another Phase-3 Trial For PLX-PAD

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:PSTI) has announced that it would be conducting phase-3 trials for its PLX-PAD. The trials would be aimed at assessing the recovery of cells, after femoral neck fracture surgery. Currently, the company and its clinical advisory board are designing the trial. It is expected that the trial would begin later this year or by early 2017. It should be noted here that PSTI is due to meet with the FDA, to discuss the phase-3 protocols. A submission has already been made to the European Medicines Agency. It should be noted here that the PLX-PAD had earlier underwent a phase-3 trial, which showed significant success, in patients who had undergone total hip replacement surgery.