In last trading session, the stock price of GigaMedia Limited (NASDAQ:GIGM) declined 0.41% to close the trading session at $2.44. The market capitalization stands at $27.02 million.

The buzz

Last month, GigaMedia reported that it had released the mobile game Shoumetsu Toshi for Android and iOS devices. The company possess exclusive rights to manage the game in Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This game becomes the first of many titles planned in this year to expand company’s online game business in mobile games industry.

The game

Shoumetsu Toshi comes in the category of a free-to play game and role-playing game. It was created by developer Wright Flyer Studios, owned by GREE, Inc. and introduced in 2014 in Japan. The game has been downloaded more than 6 million times since it was launch as per the data available on official site. Shoumetsu Toshi has won the awards of best RPG strategy and action games on Google Play and in Japanese Application Store. It was also the best game plat on Japanese Google Play for 2014.

GREE, Inc., established in 2004, is a renowned and biggest mobile gaming platform firm in Japan. A couple of years ago, GREE introduced Wright Flyer Studio which is committed to offering mobile games for Android and iOS. Headquartered in Taipei, GigaMedia is a provider of cloud computing services and online games developer.

The management speaks

Collin Hwang, the CEO of GigaMedia, said that they believe this game is a strong candidate. It has been in focus even two years after its first launch in Japan. The music and fascinating story attract more users, both female and male. They anticipate Shoumetsu Toshi to bring the company another big success after its previous launch of Yume100, which goes with their statement in 1Q announcement that it adding new revenue sources from company’s licensed products.