Iddriven Inc (OTCMKTS:IDDR), is a developer of a new breed of Identity and Access Management solutions. The company has made a number of recent announcements that have positioned IDDR to the forefront of (IDaaS) solutions. IDDriven already has a channel partnership with tech giant Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)

On June 9th 2016, the company announced it had reached a channel partner and distribution agreement with Oxford Computer Group for the company’s flagship (IDaaS) Solution. Oxford Computer Group has developed a proprietary software program that goes hand in hand with IDDriven’s (IDaaS) solution. This will give an opportunity for the OCG program to act as an interface connector, which effortlessly connects the IDdriven to Microsoft’s Identity Manager Software program.

The company also announced on July 6th 2016, they have entered into another partnership with Zeva, Inc. Zeva is a leading re-seller of enterprise technology solutions that focuses on Identity Access Management.  Zeva currently is a certified gold partner with Microsoft.

“The Zeva principals have over 20 years’ experience building solutions for Microsoft technology, and the Zeva team is comprised of highly respected and dedicated technology consultants who understand the IAM market deeply,” quoted Arend Verweij, IDdriven CEO.

IDDriven has also announced last week, on July 13th, which the company has entered into a partnership with PATECCO. PATECCO is a technology-consulting firm that specializes in Identity and Access Management sector.

IDDriven’s recent announcements have provided the company with strong channel partnerships throughout the United States and Europe. Over the last 20 trading days, IDDR has seen an increase of 75.02%. The company saw lows of $0.179 on June 30th to closing on Friday at $0.3133.

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