Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings (NYSE:LH), a renowned global healthcare diagnostics company has announced a planned merger with Sequenom, Inc. (NASDAQ:SQNM). Which is the pioneer in the non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) for reproductive health? As per the agreement, LabCorp will acquire all remaining Sequenom shares in cash tender offer with each share going for $2.40 or an equity value amounting to $302 million, representing the total enterprise value estimated at $371 million including total debts.

The $302 equity value represents a 182% premium to Sequenom close today.  Sequenom engages genetics tests that help patients gain insight into their pregnancy and other conditions that may harm the baby’s health. Its MaterniT test is capable of screening for chromosomal abnormalities and other conditions such as Down syndrome, Patau syndrome, as well as Edwards syndrome.

The agreement makes LabCorps the new owners of the women’s health and reproductive genetic testing products.  Last month, the U.S Supreme Court rejects an attempt to review the ruling by the federal court validating Sequenom’s patent and a dispute with the rival Ariosa Diagnostics which is a unit of the Roche Holding AG.

According to LabCorp’s chairman and CEO, the acquired Sequenom’s market-leading NIPT coupled with genetic testing capabilities will be a major boost to the LabCorp’s strategy in delivering world-class diagnostic solutions. He further added that the acquisition is everything that LabCorp needed. He further noted that Sequenom was the pioneering laboratory offering clinically verified NIPT test which has already performed well over 500,000 test so far.

Sequenom’s validated top-in-class technology and a strong research will complement on the LabCorp’s extensive women’s health which offers patients and physicians with a single source complementing a wide range of testing options relating to women’s health such as NIPT as well as the reproductive genetics.

King further noted that Sequenom will expand the company’s geographic reach in the domestic market and internationally. LabCorp intends to offer services through licensing as well as commercial partnerships with more emphasis on the Asian Pacific and the European Union markets. The acquisition of Sequenom by LabCorp meets the stated financial measures and creating a market leader in the women’s health, reproductive genetics as well as NIPT.