Before we get into Mario Kart Go and Pokemon Go, lets talk about Pocket Starships, that SPYR seems to have identified a real opportunity for significant sustained revenue growth. In fact, we recently wrote about the agreement to publish the freeto-play Digital Game and Massive Multiplayer Online game or MMO, Pocket Starships, and at that time we recognized that SPYR’s involvement in publishing the game could lead to the game becoming the company’s “diamond in the rough.”

Pocket Starships is a true real-time cross-platform game, and because of this, Pocket Starships is considered unique in the digital games space. The game is unlike other games in the market that claim to be cross-platform games because Pocket Starships can be downloaded as an app on most mobile devices, and it can also be played online at in any web browser – with all of the players on all platforms playing together in real-time, including having real-time space battles across all platforms.

Other games that claim to be cross-platform are either multi-platform games, where players are only playing against other players on that particular platform, or are turn-based games without any real-time battles. Being a true real-time, cross-platform game, SPYR can market Pocket Starships to a much wider audience and promote social interaction among the players. A recent survey by GamesBond, owned by Mauj Mobile, found that “multi-platform gamers” spend way more time and money on mobile games than “mobile-only gamers.” So, with the publishing of Pocket Starships and other future games, which will use this same cross-platform development strategy, SPYR is taking SPYR, Inc. July 5, 2016 7 advantage of every angle possible to generate revenue with this game and others in the future. Revenue generated by Pocket Starships is currently driven by “in-game purchases,” so increasing the user-base is naturally key to driving more of those in-game purchases. The company has said that constantly upgrading the game with new content and new features is not only a great way for the game to stay fresh and exciting, but it also creates new opportunities for existing players to spend money in the game and to drive new players to Pocket Starships.

“Pokémon Go” is only a week old since its release but a majority of game enthusiasts will not stop talking about it. It is the game that is giving many of its players a real life opportunity of catching pocket monsters. A phone works right in locating and catching the creatures.

However, “Pokémon Go” may not in any way match “Mario Kart Go” which has hit the gaming waves with a storm. The 1990s game is the one of the most popular among the Nintendo 64 series of games. Apparently, it would have more accidents compared to “Pokémon Go” if it was played in reality.

“Pokémon Go” Tips and Cheats

Use an Incense Module is one of the popular tricks that gets any player to level five. Each player gets at least two incense balls which attracts monsters. Gamers can also earn Balls to capture more Pokémon by visiting a Poké Stop. The use of Lure Module while at the Poke Stop is of more preference. Don’t stop catching as many Pokeman as possible. Move to the lower level Pokémon is necessary even though they may not be as exotic. However, they are good enough in building up to a gym level. Be smart and Keep walking but be careful. Ensure the ‘“Pokémon GO” app is well charge because the game eats huge chunks of battery life

More about “Mario Kart Go”

The gamers must do anything possible to get around the track the fastest. Through whatever means, they must maintain a simultaneous pace of keeping away from whatever obstacle that comes their way. There are various defensive mechanisms that a player can use to steer clear any impediment. Dropping banana peels, tortoise shells or using turbo speed is just but a few of the tactics that one can use. Nevertheless, they would never be the best options in real life playing given that they would make life a living hell for other drivers.