Even though it could be bragging about having more than 350 million PCs running on Windows 10, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) may not meet its target of a billion devices. It may take longer that what was initially planned. The Windows 10 upgrade offer was to run up to the 29th July, which is fast approaching. Microsoft is now pulling all strings together including giving away new laptops to convince more users to upgrade before the offer reaches its final days. A spot check by Neowin has revealed that many of the company’s retail stores have gone to an extent of installing the Windows 10 for free so long as the device has the compatibility.

But even as Microsoft acknowledged the fact that it would take longer to achieve a billion devices, it did not give a timeline as to when the project be put into completion. Nevertheless, it has been able to sell a few of its smartphones given the release and a remarkable adoption of new software sometimes last year.

About the offer

There is a lot behind the Microsoft’s offer which was published in July 2015. It comes at a time when the company is up in arms with aggressive moves to get its users onto Windows 10. A lot of users may have embraced a quick installation of Windows 10 having been swayed off by the malware pop-ups in their Windows 7 and 8.1

It has greater compatibility with personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and Microsoft’s Xbox One game consoles all which are of a similar look. After the sale of about 34 million Windows smartphones the company says it has now eliminated the Smartphone’s Nokia acquired hardware unit.

What next for Microsoft?

The shutting down of its hardware unit just translates to the laying off of thousands of employees as well as restructuring. However, nothing much I forthcoming from the company executives as to what the company intends to do next. It may probably have to go back to the drawing board given that expectations and targets have not been met.