Skypeople Fruit Juice Inc (NASDAQ:SPU), a manufacturer of fruit-related products, such as juice concentrates and beverages, reported that it has established SkyPeople International Trading (HK) Ltd, (“SIT”). It is a subsidiary unit that has been set in Hong Kong, to function as an international trading and marketing platform. The objective of new platform is to enhance company’s portfolio of Hedetang fruit juice and strengthen its market position.

The management speaks

Yongke Xue, the CEO of SkyPeople, said that they are extremely delighted about this new marketing platform for their fruit juice segment. The management is confident that it will lead in meaningful penetration of the global marketplace. Its healthy beverage offerings will get a strong reception in many nations as the products support active and healthy lifestyles. Xue further added that they plan to shift their focus on premium organic fruit juice drinks for export. Also, the vertically integrated production proficiencies will allow them to control costs even as they manufacture beverage products of finest quality.

The highlights

Skypeople reported that after closure of all of the essential business registration processes, SIT will turn into a wholly-owned subsidiary unit indirectly owned by SkyPeople. It will work to offer web sales, marketing and after-sale services to over 50 nations and regions globally including the U.S., Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The subsidiary unit will function as the online sales and marketing center for the firm, a risk control unit of e-commerce of global trade, a worldwide resources allocation unit, and will be responsible for the strategic planning and advancement of e-commerce for the global market.

SkyPeople International Trading will offer comprehensive web sales and services and is intended to become a leading provider of premium organic fruit juice and beverages solution with an outstanding and unique business model. Its key objective will be to establish a market-oriented specialty global platform in coming period.