Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACHN) has announced that it will be presenting its corporate overview during the 2016 Wedbush PacGrow Healthcare Conference.

The corporate overview will be presented by Achillion’s president and Chief Executive Officer Milind Deshpande. The event will take place at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City on Tuesday, August 16 this year. The event will feature a live audio stream on the firm’s investor relations website. There will also be archived webcasts of Achillion’s presentations that will, later on, be accessible on the website. The company will archive the audio for 30 days after the presentation.

Individuals that would like to access the live audio have been advised to connect to the company’s website a few minutes before the live stream begins. The extra time will be enough for any necessary software downloads so that the audience will not miss out on any content. The company has not released any prior information that might provide hints on what will be discussed or revealed at the event. Nevertheless, the CEO is expected to release news that will have a positive impact, especially on the company’s stock performance.

Analysts in the pharmaceutical industry speculate that PacGrow will talk about the company’s latest achievements and breakthroughs in treatments for serious medical conditions. This is in line with its objective of coming up with the best oral antiviral therapy for treating illnesses such as chronic hepatitis C (HCV). The company has been fostering rapid advancements so that it can become a fully-integrated pharma that aims to provide treatments that can save the lives of patients suffering from rare illnesses.

Achillion recently released its quarterly earnings report for the second quarter. The quarterly earnings were announced about a week ago revealing that the company’s performance was close to the estimates provided by Zacks’ consensus. The firm recorded earnings per share at $0.14 with just a minor difference of $0.01 compared to the analyst estimates of $0.15 EPS.