Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) reported that it is advancing a new Radeon™ Pro offering for large dataset applications. This new solution, which will be available first as a developer kit, will offer greater magnitude and increased memory capacity when compared to its current GPU memory implementations.

The highlights

The new solution of Advanced Micro is stated ideal for the approaching scenarios of demanding use-case including live post-production of 8K video, VR content creation, high-resolution rendering, oil and gas exploration, medical imaging, life sciences and computational engineering.

During the globally first demonstration of its new Radeon Pro, the timeline scrubbing of 8K raw video was accelerated to more than 90 frames per second from 17 frames a second. This increase in performance will result in improved quality of life, efficiency and productivity in the editing process.

The market

The unique world of content creation, engineering and scientific visualization applications demands the processing of massive datasets, considerably larger than can be checked within the existing GPU memory capacities. Current limitations need slices of information to be processed independently and then merged by software.

This process often results in considerable latency for fetching additional information from system memory. It discourages developers from leveraging the benefits of the GPU. Advanced Micro new offering addresses the problem for GPUs, leading the way for enhanced performance and superior user productivity.

The team speaks

Raja Koduri, the Chief Architect of Radeon Technologies with Advanced Micro, said that one of the most severe problems seen with GPU computing applications is the incapability to access terabytes of data. The new offering Radeon Pro is set to speed-up processing for several applications with large datasets. It will even allow new application experiences by using data tenacity of non-volatile memory, which indicates a disruptive development for many compute and graphics applications.