Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) seem to almost have a monarchy when it comes to Computer chips in data sentences. However, competitors are in route with new gadgets to reclaim a percentage of the market.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) have been undergoing the task of creating a new revolutionary microchip to rival the industry. The tech giant’s new microchip has been named Zen.

Due to the features of the Zen microchip, indeed Intel will have a new market segment share loss. The Zen microchip has 8 cores (2 threads per core). 8 MB of shared L3 Cache, as well as a tremendous unified L2 Cache.

When the Zen microchip was being designed, AMD had three main pillars in mind. These pillars were: Improvement of Core Design, improved cache system, as well as focus on lower power. All of which has been successfully implemented.

Furthermore, this microchip is equipped with a micro-op cache, as well as a high-efficiencyFinFET transistors. Although the final details have yet to be released. It has been stated that the release date for the Zen microchip will be early in 2017.

International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) have been working on adding a new chip to their arsenal which they have named Power 9. It is expected that through the implementation of this chip, supercomputers will become virtually unbeatable.

This technological entity has taken all the steps in the development of this chip to ensuring it’s a major success. The power 9 is equipped with 24 cores, maximizing the speed of complex calculations.

Additional features that the power 9 is equipped with extends to the range of connectors it possesses to be able to attach FPGA’s (Field Gate Programmable Arrays), GPU’s, ASIC’s and so forth.

All of these features aid in database related tasks as well as cognitive computing, visual computing and hyper scale web serving.