Days after forecasting robust growth for the year, Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) has rolled out a new MDI inhalation device as it continues to diversify its product line. The inhaler is for monitoring usage habits of medicinal marijuana, tracking medical results as well as combination levels.

MDI Rescue Inhaler

The new CBIS MDI Rescue inhaler is specifically designed for Asthma/COPD suffering patients. Cannabis Science is currently in the process of enrolling 20-25 potential candidates for the device as it moves to carry out the first observatory study for the device that it hopes will lead to clinical trials in the state of California.

Initial trials will target 100-200 dose MDI with cannabinoid level variations ranging from 10mg, 25mg to 100mg. The trials which seek to collect valuable data will not only target Asthma but also other critical ailments according to CEO Raymond Dabney. The MDI device is designed to offer the ingestion of medical marijuana in finer particles than the Nebulizer version that the lungs can absorb with ease.

Cannabis Science Big Plan

There are plans to expand the trials to the 25+ states that have already approved the usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes. By carrying out the trials in these states, the company hopes to create valuable connections and networks that will act as a good sales network once the product is launched for the mass market. Such trials could also act as a mechanism for verifying the effectiveness of CBD/THC.

The primary goal of the trials is to accumulate valuable data that the company hopes will help affirm the credibility of its products as an effective medication for various medical conditions. Ahead of the trials, confidence is high that the inhaler will go a long way in helping patients struggling with diminished lung function given the known benefits of cannabinoid formulations.

Once the trials are complete, Cannabis Science Inc(OTCMKTS:CBIS) plans to make MDI Rescue Inhaler available in all states where marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes.


 Bulls appear to be in full control of HERITAGE PRINTING NPV (OTCMKTS:HAGE) if the stock’s performance in the recent past is anything to go by. The stock is currently trading at highs of $0.53 a share having rallied by more than 32% over the past one month alone.

The rally appears to have been triggered by investors taking note of the company’s growth prospects at the back of growth prospects in the 3D printing industry. Spending in the industry has experienced an exponential growth over the past year with the IDC forecasting that annual growth will stand at 24.1% heading into 2020.

Given the wave of spending, the industry could be worth more than $35 billion by 2020 presenting HERITAGE PRINTING NPV (OTCMKTS:HAGE) exciting opportunities for growth. The company has already inked a number of deals with IT consulting firms as well as corporate and governments as it continues to accrue market share at the back of the exponential growth.