A series of press releases in a short stint of time is the first clue to look for when spotting stocks that are setting up for an awareness program. So is the case with Airborne Wireless Network (OTCMKTS:ABWN). Earlier this month, ABWN charged to highs of .90 from .38 in a 137% gaining rally. However, there is more to the story.

ABWN press releases

Unlike other promoted stocks, ABWM has a catalyst that is pretty impressive. As per one of the recent press releases, ABWN intends to use commercial aircrafts as “mini-satellites” via an airborne wireless router that lets planes in the air repeat the signal, moving the data from jet to jet and bouncing it off the satellites or even drones where they can. No longer would Airborne WIFI be affected by bad weather, altitude, and it’s location in relation to Satellites.  Interestingly, every airplane will repeat and broadcast a strong broadband signal – creating, in effect, a digital super highway in the sky. There is no doubt that the potential for this technology is enormous and ABWN has already begun to attract Tech Industry titans like the former Packard Bell co-founder, Alex Sandel, to its cause.

According to the company, in 1998, during the pioneering days of wireless data-connectivity, the Network’s inventor submitted a patent application to the US patent and trademark office, and on September 4, 2001, US patent number US 6,285,878 B1 was granted. A few days later, the 9/11 Attack occurred, which changed the airline industry and which would delay development of this disruptive technology for a number of years. In 2016, ABWN acquired this patent and intends to further develop and deploy this technology. ABWN intends to be a high-speed broadband internet pipeline to improve coverage connectivity.

ABWN Chart

The company does not intend to provide retail customer coverage to end users, but, instead, will act as a wholesale carrier with target customers, such as internet service providers and telephone companies like AT&T, Verizon, and more who would offer it as a service. Once the network is developed and fully implemented, its uses are limitless.  The Network should be able to provide low cost, high speed connectivity to rural areas, island nations, ships at sea, oil platforms, in addition to connectivity to commercial and private aircraft in flight. ABWN is now in the process of obtaining certification from the FAA to ensure the system will not interfere with critical onboard aircraft systems and has enlisted the help of Concept Development, Inc, a company who has worked with Boeing and Northrop Grumman, to assist in the development and manufacturing of the of the system’s hardware and components.

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