Genworth Mortgage Insurance has a new product up its sleeves. The enhanced program that is somewhat unique to the industry is what the operating segment of Genworth Financial Inc (NYSE:GNW) has to offer which is more or less of an expansion of its Homebuyer Privileges program. The program which has nearly 300,000 retailers nationwide is running for the 12 months within which homebuyers are supposed to enroll. There is also another 12 months after enrolling to utilize the discounts.

Genworth Mortgage Insurance has been in the forefront of supporting homeownership affordability hence its commitment to the delivery of high-quality service to its nationwide customers. Some of the big retailers that the company has been working with include Target, Costco, Sears Commercial and ADT, among others. But according to the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Rohit Gupta many homebuyers are faced with the challenge of down payments hence the dream of homeownership is staggered.

Let’s explore the enhanced program from Genworth Mortgage Insurance

It has an exceptional mandate which opens saving modalities the likes of retailer coupons that homebuyers can use to save up to $7,500. They can get loans from these savings without putting into consideration whether or not their investment includes private mortgage insurance from Genworth Mortgage Insurance. Gupta adds that customers can also offer more savings that are likely to attract more homebuyers while being in control of their costs. This is the only way that homeownership dreams and be achieved.

Genworth Financial, Inc is well on point in helping families realize the dream of homeownership. It has also embraced the commitment to addressing whatever financial challenges that could be aging their homeownership desire. The company whose Headquarter is in Richmond; Virginia has important leadership positions in mortgage insurance. It also long term care insurance which dates back from 1871 and became a public company in 2004. The period of existence explains why the company is into so much of how homebuyers can benefit from its services.