Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISNS) has revealed that it will be working together with system integrators, end user, and channel partners to facilitate the expansion of the Autoscope video detection products to Asia, Central, Middle East and south America.

The Autoscope video detection products are already available in North America as Autoscope Duo and Autoscope Encore. Dan Skites, the Managing Director for Asia Pacific and EMEA stated that the firm is excited about expanding its products to the new regions. Skites further added that Image Sensing Systems recently celebrated Autoscope’s 25th anniversary. It is the most advanced video and radar hybrid detection products and the firm looks forward to offering the products up to a wider market.

The regions to receive the products have been selected because they have been exhibiting continued growth in their Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies and they have also played a significant role in improving safety and traffic flow. The expansion of the products will also be good for the detection products that already exist in these markets because they will complement each other. It will particularly be ideal for the DeepBlue Bluetooth detection, RTMS radar detection and Autoscope video detection devices. The products offered for video detection in North America will be immediately available for support and distribution via Image Sensing Systems.

Image Sensing Systems has a strong track record in the development of ITS technologies for above-ground detection. The aim of the technology is to enhance the efficiency and safety of highways and cities. The company develops solutions, applications, and technology that is used to overcome various problems. It also aims to provide more accurate and precise information to ITS professionals. It aims to foster the ability to react in real time as well as a deep analysis to make sure that decisions are hands-on. The firm is planning on making sure that its products are used on a global scale. Image Sensing systems has its headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota.