The roll out and launch of the first 4G service in Myanmar is complete courtesy of combined efforts by Nokia Corp (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) and Ooredoo Myanmar. The 4G roll out, which took approximately three months, was an upgrade of the existing Ooredoo Myanmar’s 3G network, which used Nokia Single RAN and Packet Core platforms. The move will give a solution to the high demand for mobile data from which residents and visitors can enjoy increased speeds and capacity. The Finnish network equipment maker has all along been supporting the 3G network which it has been providing from its global delivery center in Chennai, India.

It is growth for Ooredoo Myanmar with the new network

Various regions are already enjoying the presence of the 4G service one of them being Yangon region, the largest and most densely inhabited region in Myanmar. The fast deployment of the new network is a plus to a majority of subscribers who will be interacting with the high-speed mobile service for the first time. It will also come in handy in a meeting future data demands in a country whose economy and tourist industry is thriving.

It is an achievement according to Rene Meza, the CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar. Meza asserts that development of the telecommunications market in Myanmar has been a tall order, but it has finally come to fruition. The expertise and innovation of 4G technology will enhance the delivery of advanced and high-speed data-intensive services.

4G network is built on Nokia’s proven expertise and technology

The new system is currently using the 2100Mhz frequency band to offer its services. The three-month roll-out may have been a short duration but Nokia’s proven expertise and technology-enabled the launch the LTE network. Nonetheless, the increasing popularity of the LTE services may call for an increased spectrum of up to 2600Mhz frequency band. The use of software upgrade will facilitate a quicker deployment of the service to other areas. Harald Preiss, head of Asia North at Nokia says that the upgraded network will offer superior indoor coverage and increased capacity.

Iddriven Inc (OTCMKTS:IDDR) Surges Once More

Iddriven Inc (OTCMKTS:IDDR) spiked during the August 24 trading session, reversing its losses from the session before. The stock moved up by 15.64%, on a trade volume of 1.08 million, as compared to its average trade volume of 104,200. Much of the hype surround IDDR is due to the filing of its 2Q2016 financial report, which revealed that Iddriven had a net profit of over $248,000, as compared to a net loss of $176,000 during the 2Q2015. Moreover, the company had made this possible, despite a decline of over $22,000 in its revenues.

In addition to this, Iddriven was also able to improve its cash position by approximately $20,000. However, this did not come without a few red flags. The financial report also revealed that during the 1H2016, the company had acquired convertible debt of over $570,500. Moreover, as compared to the 1H2015, the 1H2016 suffered a decline of over $37,000 in revenues and a surge of over $1 million, in terms of net loss for the 6-month period.