Charlotte studentswill soon be ableto access free Wi-Fi from home, thanks to a new agreement between Sprint Corp’s (NYSE:S) Sprint and Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to offer 150 wireless hot spots to students who may need to stay connected while still at home.Mecklenburg Library will lend students who do not have broadband access the device for up to 30 days to help them stay connected. This pilot project for 2016-2017 school yearis approximately worth $288,000 in favor of Sprint.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library CEO, Lee Keesler, says that children who do not have access to Wi-Fi from home are disadvantaged when schools let out, adding that although  this pilot project may not suffice in scope, it will be a better opportunity for them to research when at home. Keesler says this will pioneer a larger project to come up later, to enable them ensure no any family or child lags behind.

Michael Miess, president in North Carolina/ South Carolina at sprint says this project will be a good opportunity for Charlotte students as it will bridge the digital divide and further help the students achieve their full potential in education.

It is estimated that about 18 percent of the households in Charlotte lack internet access due to costs. This problem is reportedly looming large over children who want to do their assignments at home, researches for advanced learning and even those who are seeking to apply jobs on line.

Sprint has so far helped provide wireless broadband connectivity for 50,000 low-income k-12 students all over the United States in its kind contribution valued at $100 million. The company made these efforts through U.S president, Barrack Obama’s, spearheaded ConnectED initiative that involved leaders and other stake holders in technology and telecommunications industry.

The charlotte Mecklenburg library is reportedly among America’s top public libraries. It serves over a million citizens in Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. Now with online and outreach approach, the library will be able to deliver better services and programs to provide information and to create a community of leadership in the region.