The cry of many for an ultimate, immersive gaming experience has finally been put to rest given the launch of various gaming products by HP Inc’s (NYSE:HPQ) . The new products include the OMEN 17 Laptop, OMEN X Desktop as well as the OMEN X Curved Display. There is also the OMEN with Steel Series accessories. Each of them has designated features that will facilitate the delivery of dignified and aggressive performance.

The serious gamers who are interested in fierce performance can look up to OMEN X Desktop whose fully customizable chassis will help them maintain peak performance with a customized rig. Kevin Frost, HP vice president and general manager of Consumer Personal Systems talks of it as a unique feature that cannot be found from traditional PC manufacturers. OMEN X focuses on overbuilt and over-engineered products which are also reliable in the delivery of bold innovation.

Is it OMEN X Desktop, OMEN 17 Laptop or OMEN X?

Each of them has their unique customization. Nonetheless, OMEN X Desktop is likely to be at the top because of its graphical technology of dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and dual AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X that elevate performance. It also has the capability of flawless Virtual Reality (VR) because of its 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor which interlocks with a VR-ready GPU. Besides the three 120mm liquid cooling radiators, the superior thermal management which supports tri-chamber design creates a full potential of the hardware. While true enthusiast gamers prefer a PC built from the ground, OMEN X Desktop meets a lot of the needs.

OMEN Laptop is designed from top-to-bottom and has become one of the highest performing gaming laptops in the market. It has the versatility required for relentless competition. Among some of its notable features are the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics, G-SYNC™ display technology, VR-Ready support, Quad speakers as well as Up to 4K display resolution with 300 nits.

 OMEN X Curved Display is a new introduction from HP which is expected to give a different level of gaming to the end users. Its NVIDIA® G-Sync™ Technology is one of its kind since it is integrating the latest technologies that a choice for many customers seeking an ultimate gaming experience.