Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) has announced the appointment of former Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) executive Matt Bromberg as its new Chief Operating Officer.

Bromberg follows in the footsteps of Frank Gibeau, the current CEO of Zynga who also a former executive from EA. Bromberg is expected to take up his new office at Zynga as of August 8 where he will be the head of Data Science, IT, Visual Design, business operations and strategy. The new COO will also lead the firm’s game studio in India and the global player experience teams. Gibeau issued a statement regarding the appointment of the new COO. He described Bromberg as an experienced leader with a proven track record courtesy of some of the biggest franchises and the best studios.

The CEO also stated that Matt will be of significant resource towards developing a world-class studio that will work on bringing the company’s social gaming vision to life. Frank has been an executive in the gaming industry for 25 years and he is confident that Bromberg is the right person for the job. The newly appointed COO also had a few words to say. He was pleased and thankful for the opportunity to work together with Gibeau and the Zynga team to come up with new titles that will attract players on a global scale.

Bromberg also noted that Zynga is a pioneer in the social gaming industry and it has experienced massive success since its launch. Some of its most successful titles include Farmville, CSR Racing 2 and Words With Friends. Bromberg who is currently 49 years old has also had a lot of experience in online media, digital platforms, and gaming. Prior to his new appointment, he was senior VP of strategy and operations at EA’s mobile gaming division. He was also the group general manager of Bioware Studios worldwide which is also An EA division. Bromberg has worked on major titles such as Mass Effect, Command and Conquer, Dragon Age and Star Wars.