Axxess Pharma Inc (OTCMKTS:AXXE), a firm that develops nutritional supplements and distributes branded sports gear goods, reported that it has engaged Michael Gelmon as the company’s new CEO. Gelmon was the originator of a globally branded firm that generated more than $100 million in sales. He has extensive experience in SEC compliance, managing public companies and business development. His responsibilities for company include overseeing sales, business development, SEC compliance, hiring and accounting.

The experts speak

Axxess Pharma’s previous CEO, Dr. Daniel Bagi, MD, will stay with the firm as the Treasurer. He will also assist the new CEO in evaluating the medical advantages of sports gear and nutraceutical products. The new CEO, Mr. Gelmon, said that he is honored to be engaged as the firm’s new CEO. Axxess boasts a robust product line and is well linked with distributors and retail chains across the globe. Gelmon added that is he is confident and excited about the prospect of turning Axxess Pharma into multi-million dollar firm. As a part of aggressive growth plan, they intend to acquire firms with in industry and boost sales across all product groups.

Dr. Bagi expressed that Mr. Gelmon is an outstanding addition to company. He has established and managed a firm that went from $0 sales to more than $100 million in sales. The management is confident in his ability to achieve the same results for Axxess Pharma.

The buzz

Prior to this update, Axxess Pharma reported that they have diversified and expanded their revenue stream into oral health care sector. They will be distributing 2 oral health care items known as Rompe Pecho Syrup and Septicon Mouthwash. Septicon Mouthwash is antibacterial, alcohol free and an antiseptic.

The product may help control and prevent tooth decay while lowering tartar and plaque. This product is also useful with individuals witnessing medical conditions such as radiation therapies, systemic diseases, diabetes, and low saliva flow following certain medicinal side effects. As per BioMed Research International study, alcohol-free mouthwashes have an improved effect on the color, hardness and gloss of teeth when compared to other mouthwashes containing alcohol.

Progressive Care Inc (OTCMKTS:RXMD) Receives Building Permits

Progressive Care Inc (OTCMKTS:RXMD) through its subsidiary company Pharmco LLC, reported receipt of building licenses from the City of North Miami Beach. Pharmco is a South Florida based health services unit and provider of prescription pharmaceuticals.

On August 26, the City of North Miami Beach released building permits to PharmCo, to commence construction on the warehouse development space. Construction was planned to commence in this month, and it is projected to take nearly 6 to 8 weeks for completion. Once the build completion is done, the company will install ScriptPro Pharmacy Automation System.

Parikh Mars, the CEO of Progressive Care, said that they are thrilled to finally commence construction. It is a vital next step in the overall development process and they are thrilled to commence ramping up the long-term care sales and using the new ScriptPro system. This all is planned keeping in mind that Progressive Care subsidiary specializes in compounded medications, health practice risk management, the anti-retroviral medications and associated medication therapy management.