Brazil Resources Inc. (OTCMKTS:BRIZF) has been trading higher in the market with investors taking note of the company’s growing gold resources. The acquisition of sunward investments, which owns 100% of the Titiribi Gold-Copper project in Columbia, has made the company to be one of the most leveraged gold stocks in the market. Do not trade BRIZF until you read rest of this report.

 Growing Gold Resources

With the acquisition of Sunward Investments, Brazil Resources has gained control of nearly 40 sq. km land package, in the highlands of Colombia. The acquisition increases the company’s gold holdings by several million ounces. In addition, the company still owns millions of ounces thanks to its bargain acquisition in Alaska as well as its other holdings in Brazil. The company is already planning to hit the ground running as it looks to explore the Titiribi gold-copper project in pursuit of the natural resources at hand.

“We take a major step towards realizing our vision of consolidating quality gold assets and maximizing gold leverage for our shareholders,” said CEO Amir Adnani, chair. The company joins the likes of Red Eagle as well Continental Gold’s that are also developing gold projects in the area.

 Stock Performance

Increased investor interest in the company has pushed the stock to highs of $2.43 a share. With the precious metal, currently trading at highs of $1330 an ounce, the stock appears to have more room to run given the opportunities at hand. Brazil Resources boasts of a 52-week high of $2.54 a share, a mark that could be toppled soon, given the way things are going.

Brazil Resources Inc. (OTCMKTS: BRIZF) has accumulated a number of gold assets in the recent past while keeping its outstanding shares at a reasonable level. The same has reduced over dilution of the stock going along way in attracting a good number of elite investors in the company. Renewed activity and interest in the gold sector means the company is on course for a stellar year, the stock having rallied from lows of $0.40 a share to the current highs this year alone.