Oroplata Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:ORRP) has started its Short Work Program at the Western Nevada basin as it continues to explore projects that have the potential to bolster its Lithium asset reserves. At the Nevada Basin Lithium Project, the company is planning to sample and examine various Lithium enriched horizons.

The company’s Chief executive officer, Craig Alford, remains confident of the drilling and sampling process uncovering lithium values both laterally and vertically in the project area. Oroplata has also confirmed that it will be re-entering already closed oil wells in pursuit of Lithium bearing brine horizons through vertical analysis.

 “This method has already been proven extremely effective at other now productive lithium brine operations, including Clayton Valley in Nevada,” said Mr. Alford.

Drilling and sampling work should be complete before the end of the year with the focus being on collecting sufficient data for generating a detailed geologic stratigraphic model.

Exploration at the Nevada Basin Lithium project could not have come at a better time given the growing demand for Lithium as a natural resource in the mining industry. Lithium has emerged as a valuable resource as professional’s project exponential growth in demand over the coming years. A good number of companies in the industry have already registered increased investor interest as most of them take note of emerging opportunities in the industry.

 Carter, Terry Partnership

In a bid to take advantage of the skyrocketing demand for the natural resource, Oroplata has engaged the services of Carter, Terry & Company. By teaming up with the investment brokerage and asset management firm, the exploration company hopes to explore various financing channels for its upcoming projects.

 In a press release, the company says it will use all the funds raised with the assistance of Carter, Terry for its drilling and exploration projects. Separately Oroplata Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:ORRP) has confirmed the appointment of energy industry and banking veteran Alan D Gaines as an advisor to the board.