Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:SIRI) has been on an impressive run this year and is slowly becoming a top pick for Wall Street analysts as well as tech journalist. A key talking point around the company is the amount of room still in play on its growth prospects. Speculation is already rife on the street on whether Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) should table an offer for the satellite radio operator or whether the company should exercise its financial muscle and acquire Pandora Media Inc (NYSE:P).

Pandora Acquisition Talk

The sentiments essentially echo the strengthened position that Siri finds itself in, Chief Executive Officer Jim Meyer having reiterated that they are yet to feel the impact of streaming competition. A key driver of growth for Siri is the increase in the number of new car sales in the recent past. Three out of every four cars sold now come with the company’s technology.

Siri has been aggressive in inking deals with automakers a move that has allowed it to turn new car owners into subscribers. With car sales expected to top highs of 17 million this year, the satellite radio operator could find its way into 13 million new cars something that should help bolster its subscription base as well as acquisition credentials.

Even as Siri continues to grow its subscription base on both new and old cars, calls for a major acquisition continue to hit the wires. Pandora is seen as an exciting prospect in this case as it would offer the satellite radio an opportunity to expand its operations and tap into built-in streaming audience.

Pandora 70 million listeners could come in handy in allowing Siri to expand its revenue base into the ads business. Siri posted an 11% increase in revenue in the latest quarter but with Pandora on board, it should be able to grow much faster above the current 8% rate.

Apple-Siri Marriage

CNBC Mad Money Host, Jim Cramer, calling for Apple to acquire Siri further affirms the exciting growth trajectory the company finds itself in. The acquisition would provide the iPhone maker a unique asset capable of strengthening its subscription-based music business spearhead by Apple Music.

 If apple’s acquisition history is anything to go by then Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:SIRI) could pan out to be an interesting pick.