Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) has finalized a Memorandum of Understanding for a strategic collaboration with an alliance that is a pioneer in food ingredients and nutraceutical. Upon mandatory approval and execution of definitive deals with this new alliance, the company expects to receive funds indicating a short-term investment of $10 million and an equity spending of up to $20 million priced at $1.40 a share.

The company expects $100 million in yearly revenue starting in FY2017 connected to the cost improvement and production of fermentation molecules, and contribution in the associate’s industrial fermentation centers in Asia. This partnership follows a series of noteworthy partnerships Amyris has reported in recent months. It reported associated with a separate firm in the nutraceuticals sector in last week of September.

The management speaks

John Melo, the CEO and President of Amyris, reported that they are extremely delighted with the prospect to associate with a leading international food ingredient and nutraceutical suppliers. The current yearly revenue run rate of more than $100 million totaled with the $100 million of yearly revenue they anticipate from this association starting in FY2017, should aid company in delivering stronger than projected growth in FY2017 and beyond.

Melo also said that they project that this deal will support short-term results with a projected $10 million in FY2016 collaboration funding. The strong pipeline of offerings from Amyris new associate, the short-term partnership payment and projected revenue for FY2017 and beyond turns this deal a transformative association for business.

Amyris believe the robust momentum in underlying operations and this collaboration will offer them with what they think is the largest pipeline of fine fermentation-based molecules across the globe. It will also help post the highest sales growth rate in respective sector and transform them as one of the fastest-growing firms in food ingredients and nutraceuticals sector.

Melo added that they are very delighted with the strong momentum they are achieving from turning into the must-have technology for their associates. Both parties intend to keep the associate’s name private for now. The deal is subject to closure of definitive deals and the obtaining of necessary approvals.