Access to Cannabase, the largest wholesale marketplace for Colorado’s Licensed Marijuana Cultivators & Retailers has been given to Category One Botanicals, LLC, the Licensed Grower at the Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I. The access confirmation was provided by Cannagrow Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRW), a Liaison and Consultant, who works with licensed growers in the legal Cannabis industry in providing them with turnkey solutions.

Production progress is to some extent picking up in anticipation of October and November harvests. Thus getting acquainted with Cannabase is of the essence according to the Managing Member of Category One Botanicals LLC, Rod Clawson. Category One Botanicals has received incredible assistance from CannaGrow Holdings Staffing Program in the management of the entire facility. Clawson will thus work to ensure quality and quantity of the exceptional product that the Licensed Grower is bringing to market.

The outlook of the Cannabase Marketing Platform

The first thing that Dr. John P. Janovec, Ph.D., COO of CannaGrow Holdings notices is the strains that the Buffalo Ranch Facility I has to bear. In fact, many of its productions are listed for sale in the range of $1,400 to $1,600 per pound. However, there are those which are as high as $2,000.

As a majority of buyers seek for a more top quality product, Janovec is optimistic of being able to accommodate their needs with the cloning of plants. Furthermore, there is a potential market for clones of modern strains, which cost between $7.00 and $15.00 per individual.

The future of the Cannabis Industry

Apparently, CannaGrow Holdings does not allow, grow harvest or even distribute Marijuana or its substances given that the Federal law does not recognize it. However, it is ever supporting licensed growers the likes of Category One Botanicals on a consultation basis. It has been receiving numerous inquiries from potential tenants who are exploring ancillary business ventures within the industry.

Janovec outlines that they have a team of qualified Consultants who have a proven record of planning, permitting, building and licensing of commercial recreational grow facilities. But how promising the Cannabis industry given that Marijuana is illegal according to the authorities?