FANTASY 6 SPORTS I COM NPV (OTCMKTS:FNTYF) entry into the lucrative and fast-growing mobile gaming industry is paying off, if the success achieved so far by Fantasy Football Coach is anything to go by. Response to the game has been positive, the game having been ranked the fourth most popular game on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Football Category in the US and Canada. Fantasy Football Coach is also topping the charts on ‘New Games We Love’ list on Apple store as its global appeal continues to grow. Chief Executive Officer, Shafin Diamond Tejani, insists that the game’s growing popularity is something not to be taken lightly as focus shifts to coming up with new games with similar impact.

“These rankings of Top-25 New Games in Europe and Top-100 in Sports worldwide demonstrate to us the tremendous upside for fantasy sports mobile games to attract players in Europe and around the world,” said Mr. Tejani.

Chief Operating Officer, Ray Walia, on the other hand, expects the games popularity to continue gaining momentum with the kickoff of the National Football League season. While the company continues to ride in the new game’s growing popularity, the company is also planning to come with a suite of Blockchain services to bolster its product portfolio. Fantasy 6 Sports has already teamed up with BTL Group Ltd as part of an effort that seeks to pursue technological leadership and innovation in the fast-growing fantasy sports industry. The two companies now plan to work on the development; testing and installation of a SecurePlay platform, which they hope will transform the way games and contests are conducted in the fantasy sports industry

FANTASY 6 SPORTS I COM NPV (OTCMKTS:FNTYF) is currently using FansUnite Platform as its primary platform for games and contests. The partnership also comes on the heels of BTL announcing a project with Visa Europe that seeks to explore the uses of the Blockchain technology in the financial services ecosystem.