Group Mobile, subsidiary of FORM Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:FH) has associated with Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ:DGLY), as the élite third party provider of Fleet Vu solution. Darin White, the President of Getac, said that they are extremely delighted to finalize this deal with Digital Ally and showcase their commitment to bringing the innovative solutions to clients in the fast changing enterprise solutions setting.

Group Mobile’s commitment to offering cloud based storage, hardware technology offerings and digital media solutions spread across different verticals continues to differentiate company from its competition.

The highlights

Digital Ally is a prominent provider of video recording equipment developed particularly for law enforcement, commercial fleets and first responders. Its Fleet Vu cloud offering is a market pioneer web based tool for data and video management aimed at passenger transit, utility service and delivery vehicles, over the road carriers and ambulances.

Fleet Vu was designed with the objective of tracking driver behavior and has many customizable reporting competencies for fleet managers, which distinguishes the offering considerably from competing “crash cams”. Also, it offers GPS and situational awareness features, configured with numerous video streams that tracks what is in, on, or close to the vehicle, offering improved safety for field based properties and personnel. Fleet Vu is easy to run, install and manage solution and has accounted for over one cloud uploads count of million videos to date.

The experts view

Criss Cross, who is associated with FORM Holdings subsidiary, reported that at Group Mobile they are delighted to finalize a deal with Digital Ally. The company is a renowned mobile video technology associate, and brings more than 10 years of mobile video design and production experience. The demand and appetite for video competencies in the enterprise fleet market is increasing and the team is thrilled to be at the point of early adoption.

Together, they anticipate to mine Group Mobile database of enterprise and commercial clients to launch this state-of-the-art fleet and driver management, video-based offering to company’s current customers. The partnership showcases a positive initiative in which both firms are furthering their association to commercial work fleets.