Iddriven Inc (OTCMKTS:IDDR) has engaged the services of Neil Kleinman as it continues to bolster its sales and marketing network in the US. Kleinman, who is to act as the North America sales manager, joins the company with vast experience in finance and IT sales.

Kleinman Appointment – His experience when it comes to matters Information technology, Securities and Hedge Fund management should go a long way in bolstering Iddriven sales efforts. The enterprise software company is also planning to leverage his extensive experience on matters marketing and the development of cloud solutions as well as Software as Service products. Chief Executive officer Arend Verweij has already reiterated that Kleiman experience would go a long way in spearheading the company’s sales strategy in North America. “With Neil`s track record of working at firms such as Web air, Bloomberg, and several hedge funds make him an ideal candidate to grow our footprint with these new and valuable innovative services,” said Mr. Verweij.

The appointment of Mr. Kleiman does not come as a surprise given that companies are trying to expand their cloud footprints. Given the persistent growth in fear of hacking and corporate hacking, his experience should go a long way in helping the company come up with products necessary for averting such attacks.

Channel Partnerships – The appointment of Mr. Kleiman follows the signing of an agreement of with Tobania, a Belgium based enterprise tech consulting firm. By teaming up with Tobania Iddriven has essentially bolstered its sales and distribution Chanel in Europe having already teamed with German based PATECCO. The channel partnerships are expected to bolster the company’s sales footprint. Iddriven Inc (OTCMKTS:IDDR) already has a wholly owned subsidiary in the Netherlands that is spearheading its sales efforts in the region. There are also plans to engage more channel partners in the US and abroad as focus shifts towards growing a robust sales network.