Reed’s Inc. (NASDAQ:REED), the manufacturer of the top selling craft sodas is making great strides with its brew. The company announced that the Reed’s Ginger Brews would now be available at a total of 1,335 Target retail locations. REED announced that its Extra Ginger and Original Ginger were made available in store locations last week. The SVP of sales and marketing at the company, Neal Cohane, that this was a great opportunity for REED to expand its brand presence.

Mr. Cohane claimed that there was a growing demand for Reed’s products, which can now be addressed through this mass merchandise channel. He was of the opinion that consumer outlook towards conventional artificial sodas was changing and consumers were looking for alternatives like Reed’s. Mr. Cohane stated that the company had embraced this change and was working to capitalize in it.

Another small cap company making progress based on recent press release is  FBEC Worldwide Inc (OTCMKTS:FBEC). FBEC announced that its second shipment of Wolfshot energy drinks has also completely sold-out on As such, Amazon has ordered for the next shipment to be twice the previous amount. It should be noted here that the company has been selling Wolfshot under Amazon’s Vendor Express program, under which vendors can sell their products directly to Amazon, which would then handle the marketing, shipping and sales. Moreover, the product inventory was only recently refreshed, approximately eight days ago.

The company had joined the Amazon Vendor Express program in August 2016 and has since then completely sold out twice. Jeff Greene, the CEO of FBEC, stated that this is an indication of just how effective Healthy Hemp Brands products are. He also claimed that this was an exciting time for them, as the company continues to expand its distribution network and gain placement in renowned retail locations.

Earlier this week, FBEC had signed PNBM holdings as its new distributor, with exclusive placement rights in 7-11, Shoprite and other top retailers. The two companies have agreed to a 1-year contract, which was drafted after PNBM successfully obtained an order for 35,000 units, from Four Links USA, Inc. Upon the signing of the agreement, Mr. Greene expressed his utmost confidence in the ability of PNBM to represent Wolfshot.