American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) posted that the City of Phoenix gave the necessary variance to allow the required clearing for the completion of its grow site. The preliminary variance and reason it was given were never in question; but, the completion was deferred because firm’s board of directors sensed that a notable change in the project management was required to properly complete the cultivation operation.

The highlights

Specific aspects of construction are by now ongoing with the fully engineered site plan estimated to be completed by December 15, 2016 for submission and assessment for the necessary approvals. Quick completion is predicted because construction management is taking complete benefit of pre-production and organizational plans that are compatible and within the specified time limits.

David Gwyther, the acting President of American Green, reported that they extremely appreciate the support that they have obtained from the City of Phoenix as company worked through their necessary and important shifts in management.

Shareholders can be confident that American Green will progress and make whatever modifications are necessary to familiarize to changing political environment. They have been actively involved in managing company since it started operations in the cannabis industry in 2009 when it turned to be the second publicly traded firm in the cannabis sector. Gwyther added that he is convinced that they will endure as one of the pioneering medical and adult-use marijuana-related firms in the country, and they will do it by adapting to changing times and regulations.

With the BlazeNow association on full-throttle, the nod on the cultivation site establishment, and the American Green equipment being prepared for customers, the firm feels it is set to record one of the best years in its history.

In unrelated news, the company confirmed that its beneficial owner shareholder count stands at 57,640 compared to 54,563 seen in the same period, a year ago. The firm is thrilled by its shareholder growth in the last one year and is dedicated to grow its operating margins and revenue in a similar way in the coming years during what appears to be a banner fiscal for the cannabis sector.