American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) has re-acquired the demolition permits, from the City of Phoenix, which had expired earlier in the year, to get another step closer to achieving its first harvest, set to begin during the 1Q2017. The company further stated that it was going to select the lights to be used in the flower room, on the same day. The next step for ERBB, would be to finalize its site plans and obtain an approval from the Department of Health Services, for the project.

The company claimed that it was the efforts of their new COO, Pat Carrigan, who made use of his no-nonsense approach and his expertise in construction, to get the plan in motion. He was instrumental in anticipating and eliminating hold-ups to the process and define the best path forward. The president of American Green, David Gwyther, claimed that the regulatory authorities want a well designed and properly executed plan, which is just what the company intends to deliver. He claimed that since cannabis is legal on a state-level only, it was understandable that the authorities were being vigilant about the matter.

Commenting on the delay of the project, Mr. Gwyther revealed that although ERBB had a great start, they had found that the budget had grown too large for the project to be practical, while other problems had also arisen. He thanked his team and the board, in helping reduce the costs of the project, while continuing to work towards its completion. American Green has also scheduled visits for guests, who would like to have a tour of the facility, which would be conducted in groups of up to six, on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Two 30 minute tours would be conducted on the designated days, at 11:30 and 12:00. The tours would start from November 9, 2016, while the construction would still be under progress. Visitors need not worry, as safety is the top priority for ERBB.

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) moved up by 20.69%, on a trade volume of 290.25 million, during the November 3 trading session, to close at $0.0035 per share.