SHARE, a leading information and financial news portal providing free real time public firm filing alerts, reported a publication on an extended patent for Axim Biotechnologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AXIM) cannabinoid-based chewing gum.

The highlights

AXIM®, a pioneer in hemp-based CBD research and development, recently reported that the USPTO released a Notice of Allowance for its Patent 9,433,601 casing the application of all CBDs in cannabinoid-containing chewing gum products. This brings an extension of its current Patent 9,023,322 casing medicinal chewing gum as a distribution mechanism for CBD.

The new patent magnifies the firm’s patent protection from merely CBD to minimum 85 different cannabinoid compounds seen in the cannabis plant, including THC. This new patent could turn significantly valuable in coming period as research confirms the prospect for different cannabinoids to cure medical conditions like cancer and chronic pain. The firm holds the exclusive rights to utilize chewing gum as a distribution mechanism for these therapies.

Chewing gum indicates an innovative delivery mechanism with validated advantages. For instance, nicotine gum has been utilized for years as a favored release mechanism that allows users to meticulously control treating over time. Smokers may just witness cravings at certain times and these cravings can be satisfied with chewing gum compared to getting a steady dosage of nicotine for a period that may or may not be required with patches.

Tetrahydrocannabinol has similar problems with medicating across patients. The right quantity of THC depends mainly on an individual’s experience and metabolism, which indicates that chewing gum is one of the great means for control dosing pertaining to patches that offer a constant dose. Chewing gum permits individuals to accomplish a controlled and extended release of THC or other CBDs, which can be a dream with smoke-able or edibles mechanisms.

The act of chewing has its own advantages that are not available in other delivery types. For instance, it is researched that the chewing act shows neuroprotective properties and the release of reward hormones. It improves the long- and short-term memory reduces stress by offering a eustress condition. In short, AXIM’s delivery plan is a unique mechanism designed for benefit of patients.