Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) a renowned firm in the U.S. specializing in the formulation of cannabis-based medicines, is all set to cash in on new prospects in Nevada and California markets after the election cycle. It firm is now targeting more than 1,000 acres in Nevada and California for drug and property development plans. The post-election program covers new products, dispensaries, and new strategic deals.

The management speaks

Raymond C. Dabney, the CEO of Cannabis Science, said that after closing the land deal they reported for more than 300 acres, they are now aiming much larger on a comprehensive scale. This package goes well with other large agreements in Nevada and California. These deals put company in a favorable position for strong growth moving forward.

Together with completing in-house lab, new website and new drug programs, they have some thrilling advancements approaching in the near future and they feel prepared to fulfill the demands of more people than ever before. With the historic election, the timing seems to be nothing less than best. Also, following the remarkable support for Proposition 64 and several other pro-cannabis measures across the country, Cannabis Science is well-placed to become a market pioneer.

Both Nevada and California voted to approve pot for recreational adult use, which has numerous benefits for company. It enables increased pathways for clients to attain the firm’s products. Assuming that California alone boasts the sixth largest economy across the globe in respect of GDP, this opens a large market for the firm to reach.

Lately, articles have been published reporting that cannabis sales in Colorado can surpass alcohol sales just a couple of years’ after legislation. In California’s larger market, the consumer support in the marijuana industry has immense potential to support Cannabis Science’s bottom line.

To cash on this positive developments, the firm has been expanding its drug advancement land agreements in order to make more products and fulfill increased demand. Additionally, the firm is negotiating distribution agreements with new dispensaries in the state to reach more patients.