Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) reported that subsequent to its presentation to Harvard Medical School, the Director of Global Health Catalyst at the DF/HCC, Dr. Wilfred F. Ngwa, said that the company’s presentation was a remarkable success, which will result in mutually beneficial association prospects between Harvard Medical School and Cannabis Science.

The key discussions

Dr. Ngwa said that they were pleasingly surprised with the knowledge depth, clearly targeted objectives, and direct plan of action presented by Cannabis Science. It was definitely clear and refreshing. They Mr. Dabney and his team to talk on the drug advancement success and development the firm had recorded over the years. Associations between the scientists and CBIS team at the DF/HCC are anticipated to bring an extensive understanding of the probable effectiveness of CBDs in the cancer treatment and other chronic diseases.

They will define the critical motivations for their research association with a perspective of successfully issuing these in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Mr. Dabney participated in the talks, and together with Mr. Melvin F. Foote and Dr. Allen A. Herman offered an extensive overview of Cannabis Science and the “Cannabis Science Research Foundation.” The presentation summarized the science of cannabinoids, aiming numerous critical ailments and establishing the capability to kill cancer cells and improve the therapeutic management of numerous cancers; and recruited members of the Harvard faculty in considering approaches to establishing a R&D development association between CBIS and DF/HCC.

Dr. Herman said that in the roundtable talks after their presentation, they had a chance to discuss potential clinical and pre-clinical research plans and objectives with the experts at DF/HCC. The drug advancement targeting will be implemented by the new association and is projected to change the dynamics of phyto-pharmaceutical advancement, especially in the segments of program implementations and clinical trial design. The talks of these focal segments with Dr. Wil Ngwa and his contemporaries were positive and incisive, and they have begun the procedure of planning a series of thrilling and mutually beneficial association opportunities.