Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC) reported that the recent electoral vote in the United States has renewed confidence and prospects in the market for the coal industry and linked clean coal technologies in the nation.

The management speaks

Robin Eves, the CEO and President of Clean Coal, said that the unjustified assault on the coal market in the last one year has made an unexpected change of way with the Donald Trump election into the White House. It has developed considerable opportunities for the coal market to start reestablishing this important energy source in the United States, both for domestic consumption and production and also a start to reestablish the decimated export industry.

The company, at CCTI, always stated that the solution was in advancing newer, more efficient know-how in order to minimize the carbon footprint of coal, and they are pleased to witness a positive and immediate uptick in demand for, and inclination towards, their technology in the U.S.

Aiden Neary, the COO of Clean Coal Technologies, said that it doesn’t just influence the U.S. coal industry. Management of company have returned from its Australia visit where a prime domestic coal producer has invited for a strategic association with company to deploy their technology in the Australian market. In association with the underway due diligence being conducted by the U.S. strategic shareholders, this considerably expands prospects for company to deploy proven and tested technology. Further information of this prospect will be discussed in the coming period.

In unrelated news, Clean Coal reported that it is assessing counter bids from prime Australian entities, in association with the underway due diligence being conducted by the existing potential U.S. shareholder. The continued jump in international coal prices led by demand from South Korea, Japan, India and China have led to the reopening of various coal mines in Australia and a revival of emphasis on clean coal technologies.