mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) updated stockholders on Sin City Phase 1 assignment. This assignment is ongoing, resources have been ordered, production has commenced, and the assignment is 45% complete.

What has changed?

Sin City has developed to a $500,000 sanctioned and funded assignment from a preliminary $200,000 budget assignment with current add-ons. It could witness the assignment grow even higher. Existing enhancements were upgraded to accommodate a 4 tier grow structure which has been developed, approved, and allowed. These upgrade improvements support management’s previous updates that company’s construction projects will classically increase in value during the construction period.

Jori Olsen, the VP of Sales for Scalable, said that now that mCIg have closed the state requirements and sanction procedure, they can proceed with construction divisions. The procedure from this point will go quickly and expedite the procedure for current and future phases. They are proud to report that they are leading prior to schedule and anticipate closure by the end of this year.

As the Nevada gets easy with these types of sanctions, they are witnessing faster turnaround of records for Scalable Solutions following mCig’s methodical procedure. This has enabled them to not only be well-organized with the time forecasts related to businesses, but has also resulted to new business prospects for their experienced team.

Scalable’s status is rising as a construction frontrunner in Nevada and they anticipate more deals to be finalized soon, and continued expansion on existing projects. Olsen added that they continue to motivate investors to follow the assignment under “project update” with pictures, video and mile marker funding updates through company’s website.

Headquartered in Henderson, Scalable Solutions, is committed to servicing the Cannabis market as a pioneer large scale marijuana cultivation construction firm and consultant. It offers full planning, design, equipment, consulting and construction services for big producers, modular Growpod know-how for warehouse transformations, and a line of homebased grow units to capture all sides of Cannabis growers’ needs.