MGT Capital Investments Inc. (OTCMKTS:MGTI) reported that John McAfee, the firm’s Executive Chairman, has been appointed CEO, effective immediately. The advancements in enterprise and personal technologies have exposed company to an increased number of cybersecurity threats compared to before.

Despite the devastating concerns about advanced issues, high profile breaches across the globe, including seen during the presidential election in the U.S., have thrown light on the outdated approach and ineffectiveness of the antivirus software presently available from what is stated the ‘leading’ cybersecurity firms. The new CEO said that his vision for the cybersecurity industry upcoming period is placed firmly in advancing new technologies through the company that apply the knowledge and skill of white hat hackers to safeguard society from modern threats.

The highlights

In the six months when McAfee started helping MGT Capital come at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, the firm has made numerous key acquisitions of thrilling new technologies, and has established one of the leading bitcoin mining businesses in the U.S. In October, MGT reported the release of its first offering, Sentinel, with intends to bring the product to the first consumers in the coming weeks. The stockholder-sanctioned acquisitions of Demonsaw and D–Vasive remain pending, and the firm anticipates to reach a revised agreement structure to benefit current shareholders by the close of the year.

McAfee also added that his commitment will dismiss the half-truths in the industry that MGT Capital just intends to use his name. The company is gaining momentum and they are thrilled to expand its activity in the coming period. Make no mistake, he is also determined to personally unsettle the status quo in cybersecurity, and company has the people and resources to make it happen. The company is in the process of buying a varied portfolio of cyber security skills and ramping up its scope in Bitcoin mining segment in Washington.