There is a new pharmaceutical development of two new drugs that will be used to self- medicate patients suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy Nerve pain and Fibromyalgia. Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS), which specializes in the development of cannabis-based medicines says that the positioned on the skin to enhance the delivery of a specific dose of medication through the skin before enjoining it to the bloodstream.

The advantage of using this form of drug administration, unlike the known methods, is that the medications are in the form of a transdermal patch, which controls the release of the medication into the patient. As such, it is not likely to have an overdose, thanks to the porous membrane covering a reservoir of medication

It is just a tip of the iceberg

There is a bright future for Cannabis Science according to its CEO Mr. Raymond C. Dabney. He refers to the development of the two new pharmaceutical, medicinal applications as the beginning of better and bigger things. Given that the company works with leading experts in drug development and medicinal characterization, it is likely that it will deliver beyond expectations. In any case, more states nationwide have continued to seek for legality in Cannabis and Cannabis-derived medications.

Dabney emphasizes that the company’s mission is to help in offering effective treatment for many kinds of pain. At the same time, it is seeking to increase its land capacity for growth and facilities that will enhance production and supply of proprietary materials for scientific research.

Cannabinoids have an extensive history

The use of Cannabinoids dates back to thousands of years. However, over time, its demand has increased given its effectiveness in the treatment of a range of symptom that has been confirmed by various studies. In fact, some of these researchers argue that CBD is more efficient in the treatment of inflammatory pain and several other conditions than the use of traditional medication.

Take for example Fibromyalgia (FM), which is more often than not linked to depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder. It also brings along sleep and memory problems, and it is estimated to affect 2-8% of the population, females being the primary victims. Another is peripheral neuropathy (PN), a disease that damages the nerves causing impaired sensation or movement.

But even as the authorities claim that the use of Cannabis is illegal, Cannabis Science has vowed to carry on with research and development of its proprietary drugs.