Roche Holding Ltd. (ADR)(OTCMKTS:RHHBY) introduced the international imCORE™ Network. It brings together world’s leading clinical and scientific experts in cancer immunotherapy to cooperate in examining the most promising innovative treatment approaches. The objective is to rapidly commence clinical and pre-clinical research dependent on the latest scientific discoveries and to compile and share data to speed up the search for treatments for people with cancer.

This network will focus on listing approaches to expand the count of people who gain from cancer immunotherapy by looking for new measures to activate an individual’s immune system to combat their cancer.

The management speaks

Sandra Horning, MD, the Chief Medical Officer of Roche Holding, said that they consider the fastest way to achieve progress against cancer is by collaboration, and consistent with their values, the objective of imCORE is to support access to new technologies and growing information among the top researchers across the globe.

imCORE shows their recent commitment to associate with the international cancer community to further comprehend the immunology and biology of cancer and to advance new treatments that may provide a treatment for people with cancer in coming period.

Roche will put up to 100 million Swiss Francs to fund clinical research and basic collaborations linked to cancer immunotherapy. It is incremental to company’s on-going R&D of investigational medications and treatment approaches in the cancer immunotherapy field.

imCORE is an international network of clinical and basic scientists from 21 pioneer academic research organizations in cancer immunotherapy who will coordinate with scientists from Genentech and Roche, with an objective of advancing potential treatments for patients with cancer. Roche is working together with the network on new and existing investigational drugs, diagnostic technologies and growing information. The network will even closely collaborate to list and prioritize the promising novel treatment methods and to rapidly perform clinical studies to boost progress in the field.