United Cannabis Corp (OTCMKTS:CNAB) and Cherubim Interests, Inc. subsidiary has associated to design, construct and implement mobile extraction labs to service the cannabis industry. The firms anticipate to commence assembly and construction of the labs in the coming period, and should commence shipping by year-end.

The management speaks

Earnest Blackmon, the CEO of United Cannabis’, said that the prospect to associate with Budcube Cultivation Systems is one they couldn’t leave. They leveraged their overall construction experience with the production and processing expertise, to develop a fully-functioning lab grade facility that suits in a mobile trailer. The outcome is a product that serves company‚Äôs needs as well as meets growing demand of the industry.

Blackmon added that they have spent the last one year performing the groundwork, developing associations and obtaining the required licenses and allows to launch operation in Jamaica with associate CRD. This mobile extraction laboratory will allow the platform they need to commence the assignment. Once it’s achieved, United Cannabis will have an advanced turnkey facility that will allow it to commence processing plants for terpenes and also for other compounds.

CHIT CEO Patrick Johnson said that they are excited about their strategic association with United Cannabis as it gives them credibility within the marijuana sector. It also opens up a rewarding niche market within the cannabis sector where they can apply diversified construction expertise and knowledge. The company will launch conceptual drawings of these laboratories in the coming weeks.

Cherubim along with its subsidiary firm is planning execution of its mentioned business objectives as per the current understanding of Local and State Laws and Federal Enforcement guidelines because it relates to Marijuana. It intends to proceed cautiously pertaining to compliance and legal issues. Potential shareholders and investors are cautioned that the firms will get advice of counsel before actualizing any part of their business strategy.

Advice of counsel pertaining to specific activities of the firms, State, Local or Federal legal changes or action in Federal Government Policy and/or Local and State laws may adversely impact business performance and shareholder value.