Tide Pool Ventures Corp submitted Form 13G with the U.S. SEC for Puresafe Water Systems Inc (OTCMKTS:PSWS). As revealed in the form, the firm as of now has 250 million shares or 7.76% stake of the company. It shows Tide Pool’s positive stance on the stock.

The buzz

Puresafe Water released its last PR back in August, when the firm informed about the sale of its Water Purification Unit or WPU to Phillips Mushroom Farms, LP, the largest producer of specialty mushrooms in the U.S. The Global Sales and Marketing Director Yves R. Michel stated that as they persist to look and venture into new growing vertical segments for their Water Purification Unit, this deal offers immense potential.

Besides this deal, they have forged a business relationship with Mowery Environmental, LLC, a famous environmental consulting group that helps agricultural producers in applying Best Management Practices in their operations. They consider that these vital updates will help firm to get considerable traction in the agribusiness unit, which as per report of the IBISWorld industry, has posted revenue of $3 trillion with yearly growth at .07% in the past 5 years.

They will shift their emphasis on the agricultural units which results in a waste stream and are exceptionally water intensive like winegrowers, food processors, mushroom farmers and dairy farmers with the critical supplementary advantage of being extremely beneficial in protecting environment.

The GM of Phillips Mushroom, Jim Angelucci, stated that they were extremely delighted and excited to incorporate the WPU into their regular operations. This technology will permit them to expand upon prevailing environmental plans which are planned toward reusing, recycling and conserving the water resources on their farm.

The worldwide mushroom market worth is projected to excel $50 Billion by 2019, and the reason being this positive target is growing customer demand. In the U.S., Pennsylvania cultivates over 60% of the country’s plant for $540 million.

Phillips Mushroom has been growing mushrooms since 1927. It has always occupied a leadership position in resolving the daily challenges linked with managing the business with advance technology, a commitment to personal and marketing approach.