AppSwarm Inc (OTCMKTS:SWRM) reported that the firm has obtained numerous contacts from firms that have email addresses used for stock promotion. In the released PR, the company had attached one similar emails with the firm name and email address eliminated.

The highlights

AppSwarma released its last PR on October 28 and it was related to the company retiring a majority of common shares. The firm has taken entire last one-quarter to reorganize, including its internal operations and debt to launch revenues in 1Q2017. Further, a merger was closed which brings assets and revenue into the company. They will be releasing real data to the market commencing in January via a known investor relations firm.

The company also stated about the email received from a company whose email ID was potentially hacked. All claims in the equity promotion email are made-up. The mail stated that the respective entity is having a concern that its emails are utilized to send spam mails to distinct folks by stock marketing firms. They need to spot the loop hole and close it. It looks like AppSwarma stocks are promoted utilizing undisclosed email account which they have not really mailed.

The mail sender firm stated that they would prefer to know the root cause behind such activity. AppSwarma may have engaged a stock promotion firm that are performing these activities. The sender of the mail asked to let them know if any inputs are required from them.

The fraudulent email stated that Appswarm needs investors’ attention as it is the only shares they need to invest in today. Continue reading to know why Appswarm is a mobile games developer firm that has developed some of the most widespread games across the world. The games are downloaded over 100 million times and the firm is intending to release 5 new titles next month.

App Swarm clarified that it is not responsible for mailing such emails, nor it is linked with such fraudulent practices and they strongly disown this type of activity.