Clean Energy Fuels Corp (NASDAQ:CLNE) has been awarded 2 fueling station construction assignments, and that its Facility Modification Services segment continues to advance with numerous projects underway, comprising 3 for Cummins Inc.’s service and sales business.

The highlights

Burrtec Waste Industries, one of the leading private solid-waste firms in California, has finalized a contract with Clean Energy to establish a compressed natural gas fueling station in Coachella. The station is projected to fuel fifty CNG refuse trucks and allocate nearly 520,000 GGEs annually. Burrtec awarded company a 10-year maintenance and operations contract for the station.

Also, South Jersey Gas and Riggins Inc. have teamed up with Clean Energy to establish a CNG station in Franklin Township utilizing the firm’s CleanCNG™ compressors. Clean Energy finalized a 10-year maintenance and operations deal for the station. It will be the third Gas station in South Jersey that firm has built and been engaged to offer the maintenance and operations services for.

Andrew J. Littlefair, the CEO and President of Clean Energy, reported that while they continue to add trucking, refuse and transit fleets to their customers list fueling at their stations network across North America, they even continue to establish complete stations for their clients. They project to close 62 of these types of assignments this year.

Besides facilities modifications task for Cummins at their sites in Hodgkins, Bristol, and Bronx, Clean Energy has been finalized a deal with the City of San Fernando for upgrading its public CNG station. It is an assignment worth $1.3 million needed due to the enhanced traffic at the station, and to incorporate latest technologies in compression equipment.

Robert C. Gonzales, the Mayor of San Fernando, said that they are delighted that increasing number of firms are choosing natural gas. Besides an increase noted in fleets such as Republic and Caltrans, they have noticed a jump in other fleets utilizing natural gas as well. This comes as a win-win game for all; they get cleaner fuel at low costs, and they get cleaner air for the city.