The German federal government has decided to accept the Commission proposals for financing and organizing the Nuclear Energy Phaseout. E.ON SE (OTCMKTS:ENAKF) is prepared to compensate a considerable amount which will be in the range of around €10 billion previously communicated to support this offering. In return, the German state will take responsibility for the final and intermediate storage of the nation’s nuclear waste.

The highlights

E.ON stated that the law be supported by a contractual deal in order to confirm lasting legal certainty. The management said that the company has adequate financing flexibility to make accessible the required funds. There is therefore no requirement for company to take steps in the immediate future. They are currently evaluating options to a rights issue to support the premium. The aim is to avoid a rights problem.

E.ON  intends to enhance customer orientation via more efficient firm. The spin-off was a difficult procedure and could only be achieved on the basis of company’s current organizational setup. As previously reported, the company will not waste time in spreading its transformation to its organizational processes and setup. The goal is to systematically refine the new company’s focus on its clients’ desires and needs.

To be successful the company need to get closer to its customers. They are going to turn more agile and leaner, which will allow them to successfully position in the market, even in the time of fierce competition. The company is going to provide more decision-making rights to those employees who work meticulously with their customers.

E.ON plans to remove inefficiencies arising from the Uniper spin-off. It will address systematically numerous adverse advancements since its Capital Market Day in April, the pound’s weakness after the Brexit vote, officious remedies offered by Britain’s Competition & Markets Authority, and the predictable decline of network returns in Germany.

Johannes Teyssen, the CEO, said that their goal is to ensure that the firm, despite facing more fundamental change, sports a lasting future. They are assured that the combined initiatives of their entire firm, especially dedicated employees, will enable them to succeed.