In the first half of this financial year, i.e. in April 2016, Eco Science Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:ESSI) launched Fitrix, a fitness product that supports dietary and fitness regime of people. With this launch, the company expanded its eco-technology solutions in the wellness industry, which is expanding considerably in the recent times.

About Fitrix

Company’s latest product is yet another addition to the billon-dollar industry, which has become the latest catch for the health-conscious customers. Fitrix, Eco Science Solutions says, allows customers to keep a track on their fitness routines, alternate medicines and dietary regimes. The new product of company enables the customers in measuring their customized goals, along with monitoring the medications and exercise schedules.

Fitrix is yet another addition to the industry that s buzzing with products that assist customers in keeping their health record in place. The new product by company allows people to also get notifications regarding the milestones and at the same time, develop timelines that can help them create effective lifestyle habits. Fitrix, the company says, is a product that can help customers leverage their calendars and notebooks.

The unique features of Fitrix

This product will help customers in keeping a track of their BMI, thus helping them maintain their weight. Apart from Fitness Radio and community messenger, Eco Science Solutions Inc has also furnished the device with weight loss calculator to help customers measure where they’re going.

In the times of smartphones and tabs where paper and pen have been replaced completely, Fitrix is following the smart ways by helping customers keep an electronic record of their vital day-to-day activities. From scheduling to learning tutorials, the company has tried to make their product an all-inclusive one.

Jeffery Taylor, the company’s CEO stated that everyone needs to develop technologies that are eco-centric and assist health-conscious people. This is a product that allows customers to maintain a record, which is the best thing to start weight management.

By creating such products, the company is leveraging on the best and most productive thing- the technology based products that can help attract more customers.