Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc (NASDAQ:HMNY) unrolled its recent innovation to make the users safe and secured with RedZone Map on Dec 5, 2016. The dynamic decision comes under the knot of Helios and Matheson Analytics and its auxiliary Zone Technologies.

The app will be equipped with increased proprietary technology and users can download it on Google Play Store from Dec15, 2016. The Red Zone Map app will be under the reach of both Android and iOS users.

Quick Look at the Features

  1. Pointing the Crime Zones- The app collects live crime data which had been committed in past 48 hours.
  2. The Warning- The red zone navigator cautions the user with verbal warning five miles before the dangerous point.
  3. Spread the Word- The app also allow the users to become the warning agent by dropping pins of the crime zones and also of the routes which are circulated with traffic and road hazards.
  4. Pinch and Get Aware- This is the technology of pinching ‘A’ to ‘B’ area through which you can find if the route from any starting location and destination is safe or not. You just need to drop the green pin to starting point and red pin to destination.
  5. Happening Now- The app mingles with social media account and you can get informed of the risky zones through the feature of ‘happening now’.

About the Red Zone Map App

Red Zone Map app will bring the knowledge of safer routes of different regions in the country to their users. It is the advanced version and appropriate utilization of GPS navigation technology. It guides the users to reach their destination without ending up a meeting with a risky business. It points out such areas as “red zones”. The app inform its users through data collected from around 1400 sources belonging to local, state, nation and around the globe.