Interpace Diagnostics Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDXG) has made announcement on Dec 8, 2016 about the coverage of its ThyraMir™ test under the umbrella of third largest American healthcare giant, the Aetna. The execution of the coverage will extend the benefits of the test to more than 46 million members of Aetna existing across the nation. The announcement by the company was seen as a welcoming decision by the market.

Till date, Interpace Diagnostics have spread the access to 200 million patients for the test of ThyGenX™ and ThyraMir across the United States through different channels which includes Medicare, Regional and National healthcare insurance plans.

About the ThyraMir test

ThyraMir test was introduced by the Interpace Diagnostics Group in April, 2015 which was fisted under the hold of endocrinologists and pathologists only. Following the benefits of the test to the patients who had to undergo unnecessary surgery in the doubtful circumstances of Thyroid Cancer, this diagnosis expanded widely and is accepted by number of health care professionals. Interpace conducted over 5000 such tests for clinics and hospitals.

The test has physicians’ backing

The decision came in the wake of the reliability of physicians and hospitals on the tests and rising requirement among patients. According to the American Cancer Society, the cases of thyroid cancers have tripled since the past decade and also the surgical treatment is often recommend in cases of indeterminate results of thyroid nodule biopsy. Following the dilemma of cancer presence, number of patients had to go through the surgical treatment.

Interpace Diagnostics’ enhanced repute 

The access to the ThyraMir test under the umbrella of Aetna will be extended to 46.3 million members. It will be under the reach of 1.2 million health care professionals and more than 695,971 primary care doctors and specialists 5,712 hospitals. This would definitely indicate an upsurge in the value of the company. This would also enhance the repute of the company.