Leo Motors Inc. (OTCMKTS:LEOM) subsidiary firm Leo Motors Korea Inc. has finalized a sales deal with Miho Story, Inc. for the production of smart phone electric vending trucks. The preliminary order totals around $300 million for 500 trucks. It will be followed in next couple of years by the production of 1,000 trucks for further $600 million. The truck operation and design solutions were advanced by Leo Motors Korea.

The highlights

The vending trucks will be prepared with Leo Motors’ Energy Storage System that interacts with the vehicle diagnosis system and cloud server advanced by Leo Artificial Intelligence Connected, Inc. It is another subsidiary firm of Leo Motors. Moreover, the ESS power source is swappable utilizing company’s cartridge battery system.

By utilizing ESS, the trucks evade utilizing Internal Combustion Engines and released pollution while utilizing electricity to commercialize smartphones and accessories in the market. Being associated to Leo’s patented MDR enables vending truck operators to passage in real time to increased sales potential locations. The company’s connected car technology offers anti-theft, real-time maintenance and on road battery, swap services as MDR are repeatedly scanning every module of the vending truck.

Dr. Kang, the CEO of Leo Motors, stated that they are thrilled about this important deal as it indicates that Leo Motors Korea is turning to be a profit generating firm.

Miho Story comes in the list of the leading mobile phone marketers in Korea in the past ten years. They have patented the commercial setup of the smartphone vending truck. Presently, the Korea government controls the mobile and Internet sales of cellular phones to avoid the phone fraud. The mobile phone marketer needs to verify the buyer’s official ID Card using a scanner. Miho’s vending truck will bring smartphones to the retail stores and those ordered using the mobile and Internet devices.