Mast Therapeutics Inc (NYSEMKT:MSTX) recently announced that they have begun the Phase 2 study of their heart failure treatment, AIR001. This is said to be company’s lead product and is a treatment for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, also known as HFpEF.


The study, which is called Inorganic Nitrite to Amplify the Benefits and Tolerability of Exercise Training or INABLE, is meant to understand how individuals respond to AIR001 (sodium nitrite solution)’s potential while going through exercise training. In this study, initially, the company will enrol around 68 patients. These participants shall be put through cardiac rehabilitation for 12 weeks. Through this training period, the participants will receive placebo inhalation solution or AIR001. The participants will be chosen randomly for this exercise. The purpose of study is to understand how participant’s exercise capacity s changed when they are consuming the maximum level of oxygen.

At present, the company is enrolling the patients for this test which will be conducted under Phase 2 study of AIR001.

The CEO of company, Brian M. Culley stated that at present Mast Therapeutics is conducting three studies for Phase 2 so as to evaluate the potential of this treatment HFpEF. Through the Phase 2 study, the company aims at receiving data, which will help it in meeting the demands of treatment that haven’t been considered as of now.

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is a cardiac trouble that affects 5 million plus people in the U.S. The problem occurs in patients with heart failure, without any possible treatment.

Aim of the study

The clinical trials conducted by the company aim at understanding the improvement in exercise capacity of patients when they are put through inhaled AIR001 treatment. Also, the company’s clinical trial will try to analyze whether patient’s quality of life is imporved through addition of ET or not.

The everyday activities of patients shall be judged through accelerometer devices that they will wear externally.