Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:NWBO) recently informed the public about the latest update of the ongoing Phase 3 Trial of its personalized immune therapies for a kind of brain cancer. The company is presently working upon the clinical trials of Trial Of DCVax®-L, which is targeted towards the patients of Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer. The company informed that it has included a total of 331 patients in the trial. The company has a plan to enrol 348 patients. After the end of trial, important events are being gathered to further process the research in this regard.

Important update necessary for company’s trial

Northwest Biotherapeutics said that the profile of its trial is available on the official US website, It had earlier informed that the number of “endpoints” required understanding the conclusion of the trial could be achieved by November 2016. A few third parties, external to the company, are involved in the trial as well. Last week, the company said that it had asked these third parties to update about this vital trial.

Here, event means the number of patients where tumour has reoccurred or has resulted in deaths of patients. Understanding these events is vital for the clinical trials of Trial Of DCVax®-L.

According to the company, information regarding these updates required several weeks to be presented due to different angles involved. One such angle is quality check or control.

The company said that it is hoping to receive further information, after which it shall reveal new updates on the trial.

The partial clinical hold of trial

It is vital to note that the regulators have not given full clinical trial permission, due to which it is on partial clinical hold. The rest of the patients haven’t been enrolled into the programme. Even though the partial hold has not been discarded yet, but the regulators have agreed to let the already-enrolled patients continue with the trial.

Northwest Biotherapeutics said that it is still carrying on the dialogue with the regulators for negotiating the remaining 17 patients in the trial.