RenovaCare Inc (OTCMKTS:RCAR) developer of the patented SkinGun™ and CellMist™ technologies* for isolating and spraying a person’s own stem cells onto wounds and burns for rapid self-healing, reported that the firm has advanced its patent portfolio with the approval of a new U.S patent for its unique SkinGun™ device. The USPTO has approved for additional 30-month extension for this patent, offering protection beyond 2035. This patent nod reinforces the firm’s existing patent protections in Germany.

The management speaks

Thomas Bold, the CEO and President of RenovaCare, said that this formal intellectual property bolsters their competitive position in the industry and supports their long-standing conviction that their technology is a unique therapeutic medical equipment for isolating and spraying a person stem cells on to wounds and serious burns.

These patents offer exclusive rights for its SkinGun™ equipment, including the barring of other developers from copying, making, using, or offering the invention unless they have procured a license to perform so. This update comes on the back of world-leading professional in the isolation of specific stem cells best for spraying onto wounds and burns.

Independent test report released by one of the world’s renowned university hospitals indicated that RenovaCare SkinGun™ accomplishes the ‘gold standard’ when it is about skin regeneration viability. As per the experts, cell viability is necessary for regenerating skin for wounds, cosmetic applications and burns. Data verified that when used patented SkinGun™ on human skin stem cells, it maintained 97.3% viability.

RenovaCare products are presently in advancement and are not available for sale in the U.S. The company is advancing first-of-its-kind autologous stem cell therapies for the renewal of human organs. Its preliminary product under growth targets the human body’s largest organ, i.e. the skin. The firm’s flagship technology known as the CellMist™ System uses SkinGun™ to put liquid suspension of a patient’s stem cells onto wounds.

RenovaCare is advancing its CellMist™ System as a favorable new alternate for patients suffering from scars, acute and chronic wounds, and burns. In the U.S. alone, this market is attractive than the spending on cholesterol treatments, back pain therapeutics and high-blood pressure management.